markisha reed

"As a single mother, I want to give my children all that I can.  The reality of working for company limits my financial window to give as I desire.  We are on a budget.  Then, I found out about RAISMUP MOVEMENT helping single parents, so I reached out.  After filling out an application, I received an Apple IPad for my daughter at zero cost to me.  I am so grateful that I was able to give my child one of the major request on her wish list.  Thank you so much for your gift."


arthur & stephanie morgan

"What more can I say about RAISMUP MOVEMENT and its founder, Cheryl O'Neal?  It has been phenomenal being apart of this great movement.  Reaching souls with a passion that's hard to match, Cheryl remembers the hope and serves it to everyone she impacts.  You will not walk away the same after meeting this powerhouse for addicts and their families.  My husband and I will always be available whenever the call comes in for support or assistance."


pastor carrie bradley +1

"As soon as I met Cheryl and she spoke to me of the mission and vision of RAISMUP MOVEMENT,  I was on-board with her.  The goal of raising the standards of those lost and feeling alone is imperative to our nation.  We are called to surround and enhance the lives of those we meet.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT has found a place in this big picture where they've decided to love on those whom feel unloved.  They've decided to restore the hope of Christ into the hearts that have turned away for one reason or another.  I fully support the work and mission of this organization and Cheryl is the perfect person to lead the charge.  Love is the foundation and I'm cheering them forward."


lavor & amber robinson

"What we have recognized in the  journey of life is that there are individuals who are authentic and there are those who are not genuine.  As we travel across the world interacting with business men and women, we've come to understand people.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT has a heart for the people to revive and be fully restored to their greatest selves.  In order for us to impact lives, we must help one person at a time -  this mission is the foundation of this organization.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT have gained our support for the integrity witnessed at first-hand.  When one person positively changes, the world is a better place."


Chris & kristy dudzinski

"If anyone has walked the walk and can talk the talk, it's Cheryl.  We've held the privilege of watching the transformation and transparency of her journey foster this nonprofit.  Pouring out her life for others, speaking her truth (even with tears), leading in worship and pushing past doubt.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT is simply a gatekeeper to love and hope for those in our nation who know the warfare of addiction.  We raise a hallelujah for this organization's expansion." 


tammy torricer ferguson

"I have waited and prayed to be a mother as long as I can remember.  The process was long and scary at times.  My support system was my saving grace in these trying times .  When I didn't know if I could hold on any longer, Cheryl would come over and spend time reminding me of the gift of love God has just for me.  She allowed me to cry on her shoulders and I never felt more safe in the  hands of friend.  I, too, know her journey personally, and RAISMUP MOVEMENT had to be birthed out of the depth of a soul like Cheryl's.  I am grateful to know that such a person is leading the charge to serve so many broken lives.  They couldn't have a better example on the earth."


Joy parris

"What would we do without organizations that care for the broken?  Sometimes our lives get so busy, we forget that there are others suffering greatly.  Food on the table, clothes on our backs and yet eyes closed the terrible truth of lost souls.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT  offers a solution to those in need of a second chance.  The most powerful thing we can participate in is the changing of a life"


apostle tonya guillory

"As an overseer, it pleases me greatly to see one of my men-tees advancing by leaps and bounds.  Our nation is desperate for healing of the hearts and minds of those who have walked in their shoes.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT has lifted up a standard from which God Himself has called forward.  I am honored to see the heart of a servant out in the fields reaping harvest.  May the blessing of the Lord rest upon the heart and mind of this organization starting with leadership."


thomasena o'neal & DEACON angelita rivers

"We have waited and prayed for this day to come.  More than anything, we are grateful for the transformation given through grace.  So proud of the strides made through trial and error.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT was the gift given out of the ashes of the past.  Addiction is the enemy and we are supporting the warriors behind the enemy lines to bring hope to the nation.  Great job!"