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make an impact

Our History

We formed our organization to provide measurable solutions with effective results in the lives of those impacted by life's struggles. Consistently, we grow in building awareness for the broken families needs and since then, give huge thanks to the  helping hands in every amazing community!

Our Mission

Bring wholeness to the broken heart 

through unity, community and instruction

rooted in love.

Changing Lives together

 RAISMUP MOVEMENT is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit is as strong community of people participating in restoring the lives of others. 

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions facing those we support. 

Be the miracle others are so desperately are seeking in troubling times.  It's the generous donations that will fund our mission.  We are better together.

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Be the Solution

community building


 Making everyone in the community feel valued (no disrespect or dishonoring) is an important issue for those rebuilding their lives. Building community increases  value as a whole regardless to the personal experience of the individual. Planning to build a stronger community around principles and new standards, regardless of their background, skills, appearance, limitations, and/or group is one of the steps toward true freedom.  RAISMUP MOVEMENT stands in the gap for every community.

motivating the masses


We believe in the power of life changing transformations being available for every single person who chooses to believe.  The power to change your life is in your hands.  And, the drastic change in the world is in your mouth.  Speak Life. 

The garden of humanity


We are apart of the big picture to plant hope and healing to the nation.  Participating in the solution for a better tomorrow requires specific tools.  We teach and learn those together as we build one another a day at a time.


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